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level 4 bishopscourt plumber
Established in 1990 as a Level 4 certified plumbing company, Garth’s Plumbing Services has been sorting out plumbing problems in and around Bishopscourt for the last 25 years.


Garth’s Plumbing Services can help with a wide range of plumbing issues in and around Bishopscourt in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. These include:


  • Replace burst/leaking geysers/hot water cylinders
  • Insurance related work
  • Geyser elements and thermostat replacements
  • No hot water problems solved
  • New bathrooms
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Burst pipes repaired
  • New drainage
  • Blocked drains
  • Leaking Plumbing
  • Performing plumbing inspections and issuing of a Certificate of Compliance
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Garth’s plumbing Services caters for both residential and commercial properties including blocks of flats, body corporates and rental agencies.


bishopscourt plumber geyser repairs or replacementBishopscourt Plumber | Geyser Repairs or Replacement in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Garth’s Plumbing Services is a fully certified and can remove, replace or repair your burst, leaking or damaged geyser in your home or business.


bishopscourt plumber blocked drains, burst pipes and leaking plumbingBishopscourt Plumber | Blocked drains, burst pipes and leaking plumbing in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Garth’s Plumbing Services will be able to efficiently unblock your blocked drains or blocked sewer pipes, repair or replace your burst pipes, sort out your leaking plumbing, leaking taps or running toilets.


bishopscourt plumber new bathroom fitment, bathroom renovation and general maintenanceBishopscourt Plumber | New bathroom fitment, bathroom renovation and general maintenance in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Garth’s Plumbing Services specializes in fitting new bathrooms or renovating your your old bathroom. With 25 years of plumbing and building experience we can cater for the majority of your general maintenance needs around the house, including water proofing, leaking roofs and storm damage repairs.


bishopscourt plumber plumbing inspector and property inspectionsBishopscourt Plumber | Property inspections in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

As master tradesman plumbers, Garth’s Plumbing Services can legally execute property inspections in and around Steenberg to ensure the safety and efficiency of plumbing systems. This is required before the sale of your property and a certificate of compliance is required by the City of Cape Town. Garth’s Plumbing Services can issue this certificate of compliance for your property after performing the necessary plumbing inspections.